Mint Your Field

Vector Field contract on Etherscan: 0x816b108c0ed83528aB465c172a4B50B5E152CF22

We designed Vector Field to be minted directly from the smart contract on Etherscan for three reasons:

  • A more fair launch in which everyone has a chance to mint a Field before they sell out
  • A more secure and decentralized minting process
  • A richer and more direct interaction with the smart contract, which comprises a major part of the work

To mint a Field you need:

🧧 An Ethereum wallet like metamask or rainbow

🪙 0.25 ETH

⛽ 1,069,243 gas (about 0.045 ETH depending on gas price at time of mint)

Minting instructions:

This may look complicated, but each step is straightforward. By interacting directly with the contract and algorithm, you, the collector, are participating in and completing the artwork. You are as much a part of Vector Field as the blockchain or contract.

Stage 1: Claim your token

  1. Go to the Vector Field smart contract on Etherscan: 0x816b108c0ed83528aB465c172a4B50B5E152CF22
  1. Click Connect to Web 3 - this will allow you to connect your wallet to the smart contract for minting

  1. Once connected, the Web 3 button will show a green circle - now you’re ready to start minting!

  1. Click on the Claim tab
  2. Enter .25 in the payableAmount (ether) text field. This is the price to mint your Field and it will be deducted from the balance in your wallet once you mint.


  1. Click Write. Your wallet will pop up and show you the details of the minting transaction.


  1. After reviewing the details, accept the transaction. The .25 ETH and gas fees will be deducted from your wallet and your Vector Field token will be minted!
  2. Generating and receiving the truly random number from Chainlink VRF takes about 10 minutes. Wait at least this long before proceeding to stage 2 and finishing your Field:

Stage 2: Finish the Vector Field

  1. After waiting at least 10 minutes from confirming your first transaction (stage 1), check your wallet address on opensea:
  2. You should see a Vector Field with a number and no image:
  1. Go back to the smart contract on Etherscan and click the Mint tab:
  2. Enter the number of your Vector Field token in the tokenId (uint256) field


  1. Click Write and confirm the transaction in your wallet
  2. Go back to your Field on Opensea and click the reload metadata button:
  3. Within a few minutes you should see your finished Field with complete metadata!


Sol LeWitt, Yoko Ono, and others pioneered art-as-instructions as part of the dematerialization movement of the late 60s and early 70s. While Vector Field is not a dematerialist work (materialization of the blockchain is one of its core concepts), the minting process above inherits the dematerialist empowerment of the viewer/ collector as creator of each iteration of the work.